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Mount Athos.

The glory of the hidden God.

ksidiropoulos_alassa.jpgwaves100.jpgF1040024.jpgMathos.jpg[b]Mount Athos,a unique place to visit.The Holy mountain has been an autonomous monastic state since the 11th century by order of an Imperial Byzantine decree.It is amazing how little the area has changed since Byzantine times,and the only sign of modernity to be seen is the framework of saffolding that surrounds many of the churches and monasteries where restoration work is in progress.
Athos is inhabited only by Christisn-Orthodox monks,mainly of Greek origin.
Its monasteries,besides performing their religious role,preserve priceless ecclesiastical objects and rare manuscripts.
In compliance with the act that founded this monastic state,access is permitted only to men of any religious conviction.Women may however view the fortress-like architecture of the coastal monasteries from boats that depart regularly from Ouranoupolis and Ormos Panagias.

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